When Reading Do You:

  • Find words blur or movie?
  • Lose your place?
  • Experience eye strain or fatigue?
  • Need to re-read to understad?




Irlen Diagnostic Clinic Newcastle provides support for children who are struggling at school for no apparent reason. Their teachers and parents cannot understand why they are having problems reading. These children usually experience distortions of print when they are reading but THEY DO NOT SELF-REPORT because they do not realise that everyone else sees the words differently from them. They often cannot remember what they have read, and cannot recognise the same word when it appears on the next page. Our assessments involve the use of coloured overlays and specifically tinted Irlen Spectral Filters that are worn as glasses.

Statistics say that at least one of these children will have symptoms of Irlen Syndrome.

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Reading Difficulties Newcastle

See-Sawing Distortion How would you like words to look like this when you are trying to read? In the image, the words are not moving, but in reality, these words would be moving in a see-sawing motion. A number of children that I see actually experience this...

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Irlen overlays are the first step in helping someone who has been identified as having Irlen Syndrome. Once the symptoms have been identified, the next step is to put the different coloured overlays over the printed page to see if it removes the visual distortions and...

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With my children experiencing problems with reading at school I took them to the irlen Diagnostic Clinic. When they got their special coloured lenses they were able to read so much better and were so excited that they co…

Julie Matthews

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I thought that I would just drop you a quick line to let you know how happy I am. My son Drew received his new Irlen glasses about eight weeks ago, and I am very happy to say that in that period of time, with the help of…

Mrs C Meaney

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Thank you so much for helping Kydden. Since seeing you two weeks ago and using Irlen overlays his eyes have not been itching and the redness has gone and most of all, his headaches have reduced dramatically. Thanking you…


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I just wanted to share with you some of the things I heard on our trip home from your Clinic after Nicolas and Aimee first got their glasses. We know they are really for reading, computer and schoolwork, but the kids wer…

Mrs S Zerbes

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Jane having the Irlen lenses has literally been life-changing. She has gone from a child who wouldn’t voluntarily read to one who loves to go into bookshops and choose new books, who now reads for pleasure. At school the…


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