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DR JOAN BRIEN B.Sc. Grad.Dip.Ed. Ph.D

Dr Joan Brien Joan is a fully qualified teacher with over 30 years experience teaching primary, secondary and tertiary level students. She has owned two Tutoring businesses where she was able to help students experiencing learning difficulties. She has a degree in Biological Science and Psychology and this, along with her teaching experience enables her to relate to children of all ages. Many children who come to see her have very low self-esteem and self-confidence because they are usually not achieving academically at the same level as their classmates. Joan is able to talk to them at a level that makes them feel comfortable and as a result, they usually leave with an increased optimism that they can achieve what is expected of them.

Children who come to see Joan have often fallen into reading habits that make it difficult for them to read effectively. Parents are often looking to Joan to provide them with strategies that they can use to help their children "catch up" to their peers.

Joan also sees many adults who have always had reading difficulties but thought that they just "had to live with it". Adults respond just as well as children in overcoming the problems that they experience while reading.

JULIE MATTHEWS B.A. Grad.Cert. Education

Julie Matthews Julie is a certified Irlen Diagnostician and has worked at the Clinic since 2009. She has Irlen Syndrome herself and her three children also suffer from it. This allows her to be able to relate to the children who come to the Clinic for assessment. Many children arrive feeling quite anxious, but Julie is able to make them feel comfortable after a short time. When the children see that she wears Irlen Lenses herself, it often makes it all seem OK.

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