Jane having the Irlen lenses has literally been life-changing. She has gone from a child who wouldn't voluntarily read to one who loves to go into bookshops and choose new books, who now reads for pleasure. At school the change has been enormous. A lot of her oppositional behaviour has vanished, her marks are picking up, she does homework and assignments herself, with no prompting or nagging. When I sat in your room and heard my daughter read effortlessly, with correct inflection and attention to punctuation (she says she hadn't been able to see punctuation before), with no hesitancy, stumbling or reading. I was absolutely stunned. The difference was overwhelming. It was as if the lenses had thrown a switch for her. Spelling will always be an issue, but with a new love of reading and ability to read with ease, Jessica's spelling has dramatically improved.


I just wanted to share with you some of the things I heard on our trip home from your Clinic after Nicolas and Aimee first got their glasses. We know they are really for reading, computer and schoolwork, but the kids were so excited that they wore them the whole way home! The conversations were really interesting, and they were both really amazed by the TV antennas on the roof tops ? ?they stretch right up to the sky?, ?they?re so high?, and ?there?s strings attached to them?. Clearly they had never seen this detail. It was, and is, so exciting for them ? it?s like there is a ?new? world for them to see. Thank you so much for the great work that you do, and the caring, patient and gentle way that you do it.

Mrs S Zerbes

Thank you so much for helping Kydden. Since seeing you two weeks ago and using Irlen overlays his eyes have not been itching and the redness has gone and most of all, his headaches have reduced dramatically. Thanking you.


I thought that I would just drop you a quick line to let you know how happy I am. My son Drew received his new Irlen glasses about eight weeks ago, and I am very happy to say that in that period of time, with the help of his glasses and a very positive, helpful teacher he has progressed from the bottom of the class to the middle of the class, and his teacher has great hopes for his continuing education. In the last three weeks, he has received an award in assembly each week for his great work, a copy of which I have enclosed for you. He has gone from a child with no self-esteem, who didn?t want to go to school, to one who now enjoys school and looks forward to spelling tests each week. So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs C Meaney

With my children experiencing problems with reading at school I took them to the irlen Diagnostic Clinic. When they got their special coloured lenses they were able to read so much better and were so excited that they could see the words on the page and it did not hurt their eyes to read.

Julie Matthews